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Our children at risk centers are the pearls in the crown of Lilach’s activities.

The organization presently operates 7 child care centers throughout Tel Aviv-Yaffo, providing a warm, loving, and nurturing home for at-risk children. Each center offers individualized treatment for every child, without isolating them from their family environment.

This is a supplemental home with the children’s needs in mind. Target Audience At risk children ages 3-12, who come from homes of financial and social distress, single parent households, who suffer from violence at home, neglect, and more. These children lack a secure and warm home environment.

They are raised in a family unit that cannot provide for their needs nor cultivate their positive development. As a result, these children suffer from emotional, social, and learning problems.

Goals: To provide children with: A stable, safe, and nurturing framework. A basic daily routine and a consistent and proper schedule. Skills and tools for coping with traumatic and stressful situations. Encouragement to succeed in their studies and realize their individual potential, and as a result- strengthen their self image. Improved family and social relations. Nurture, education, advancement, enrichment, love. Acquisition of life skills.

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